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Glastonbury Music Festival: The Drinking Game

Posted by Luke

Didn't manage to get tickets to this year's Glastonbury? Not to worry, you could always play this fantastic drinking game whilst watching the televised coverage. The BBC coverage of the festival can be boring at times but by playing our drinking game, you will add a bit of excitement to your viewing and it will make you totally forget how you missed the opportunity to be there in person! Make sure you have plenty of drinks at hand and you've pitched up your duvet tent, things are about to get messy! Here are Beer Bong UK's unofficial drinking rules for the Glastonbury music festival:


Take A Drink: 

  • When You Spot Someone With A Flower Crown 
  • When You Spot a Rude/Funny Flag 
  • If The Crowd Start Raising Their Lighters / Mobile Flash In The Air 
  • If The Artist Says "Are You Guys Having A Good Time" 
  • If Someone Is In A Nirvana T-Shirt 
  • If A Young Woman With A Painted Face, Is On A Friends Shoulders


Take 2 Drinks:

  • If You Spot A Celebrity In The Crowd
  • When A VT Fails To Rol
  • If The Artist Says "Hello Glastonbury
  • If The Artist Goes Barefoot 
  • If It Starts To Rain 
  • If A person Is Covered In Mud 
  • If Someone In The Crowd, Crowd Surfs


Take 3 Drinks: 

  • If A Man Is On A Woman's Shoulders (as well as praying for them)
  • If The Paramedics Or Policeman Start Dancing 
  • If There Are Any Technical Difficulties 
  • If A Singer Crowd Surfs


Have fun, and don't forget to stock up on some Drinking Accessories before you play!

Our Ultimate Beer Bongs are back in stock!

Posted by Luke


We have great news ladies and gentleman! Our Ultimate Beer Bongs are back in stock and just in time for summer! There's no better way to sink your beer, than through a beer bong, fact! And, an added bonus, it saves you having to wash up all the glasses the day after, we know how much of a daunting task that can be! This beer bong is the perfect drinking accessory to get your garden or house parties started and priced at just £6.99, it's a bargain! So, what are you waiting for? Grab yourself one of these bad boys and get downing your drinks, before we sell out again!

Purchase your Ultimate Beer Bong here


7 Simple Drinking Games That Don't Involve Playing Cards!

Posted by Luke


There's are a lot of drinking games out there and for the majority of them you need a pack of cards, but what if you don't own a pack of cards? We'll worry not, here at Beerbong we want to ensure that no-one is left out, so we've decided to list 7 simple drinking games you can play that doesn't involve a pack of playing cards. 



Drink While You Think 

Drink while you think is a drinking game that tests your ability to think on the spot, whilst you're chugging back your drink. The rules are simple - The first person must say a celebrities name (Matt Damon). Then the person to his/her left must think of a celebrity's name beginning with first letter of that celebrities last name ( Damon -> Daniel Radcliffe) and you must continue around the circle. But there's an added twist, the player must think of this celebrity whilst chugging their drink, so the longer you take to think the more you drink! Can you think quick when the pressure is on and you're pounding back your drink? 



Pennies was one of the very first drinking games ever played and rumour has it there has been cave drawings found of cave men playing pennies - we may have made that bit up, but pennies is still an old and iconic drinking game. The rules are simple, you each take it in turns to try and bounce a penny off the table into a shot glass, miss? Drink. Miss three in a row? Why not make up a rule?




Never Have I Ever 

Never have I ever is a great game that also allows you to find some secrets about your friends that you perhaps didn't already know. The rules are simple, each person takes it in turns to ask a question in the form of "Never have I ever" for example "Never have I gone skinny dipping", everyone who has answered yes, must take a drink. The cycle continues until you're all too drunk to play or you run out of secrets. 


Drunk Jenga  

Drunk Jenga puts a twist on the wooden brick stacking game, we all know and love. Write a rule on each wooden piece perhaps "take 2 drinks" or "Miss a go" you decide! But if you knock down the tower, then you're going to have to down your drink! 



Beer Pong

Beer Pong is featured quite largely on our site, and that's because it's so flipping great! Beer Pong is by far the GREATEST drinking game there has ever been! If you've been living under a rock and you're unaware of how to play beer pong, the rules are simple! Each player has 10 cups each (1 wash cup and 9 cups placed in a triangle, filled with 1/3 full with beer), you must then take it in turns to each throw a ping pong ball into the opponents cup, if the person succeeds with throwing the pong ball into the opponents cup, they must drink that cup filled with alcohol. 

Get your beer pong kits here.


Would You Rather

We've all played the classic game of "Would you rather?" Well this drinking game, is exactly like that but with a little added twist. Everyone has a vote on the answer and the people that chose the least popular answer, has to drink! 


Russian Roulette Drinking Game 

This is a Russian Roulette game that doesn't result in death but may result in you doing something you'll regret or vomiting. It's simple to play, just start by lining up six shot glasses, fill 5 with water and one with tequila or white rum. Then each player apart from one has to turn around and then the player has to shuffle the glasses around, once that player has shuffled the glasses he must turn around and another player must move the glasses around. Once this is complete, each player must take it in turns to roll a die and drink the shot glass corresponding to that glass until the glass with the tequila is found. 


Try out these drinking games at your next party, if you don't have a pack of cards with you, we promise you'll have a great time!




Beer Pong Dilemmas Solved

Posted by Luke

Problem #1:

Your Beer Pong skills are practically non-existent. Despite your efforts, you always seem to find yourself at the wrong end of a nasty cup of the cheap booze that nobody else wanted, while your opponent remains virtually sober at the other end of the table. How can you you improve your chances of winning? Do you practice your wrist movements? Take tactical 'fake sips' from your drink before the game to ensure that your friends are already more drunk than you are?

Perhaps the answer is simple: More cups!

Now with our 50 Pack of American Style Red Solo Cups, you can massively improve your chances of scoring, even after a few drinks. We also have a pack of 50 Blue Solo Cups, making it easy to set up opposing teams. Of course, you'll have to make sure that you get enough alcohol to fill the extra cups, or more friends to help you get through it.

Problem #2:

Imagine yourself in a crowded room, your friends are cheering you on. All you have to do is sink this little white ball into one of the opposite cups. You take a deep breath and throw, but the pressure is just too much, you've botched it! The ball shoots across the room, bouncing between the legs of your spectators on its journey. You look in horror as it rolls smoothly into the cobweb ridden, stale crumb infested abyss of your kitchen. It's game over.

Don't let this happen to you! With our pack of 5 Beer Pong Balls, you can ensure that one rogue ball doesn't spell the end for your Beer Pong fun.

Pack of 5 Branded Beer Pong Balls


No need to worry about crawling on your hands and knees in a pitiful attempt to salvage your game. With this 5 pack, you're sure to have enough back-up balls to see your through the night.

Jurassic Park: The Drinking Game

Posted by Luke

Good news, dinosaur lovers: Jurassic World is in cinemas now! To celebrate this fourth generous helping of archaeological awesomeness, we thought we'd go back to the film that started it all and use it as an excuse to get trollied

Here, then, are Beer Bong UK's unofficial drinking rules for the original Jurassic Park movie. Why not get some mates over tonight and have yourselves a dinotastic booze-fuelled film night?

  • Every time somebody dies, take a drink.

  • Whenever anyone mentions chaos theory, take a drink.

  • Also, whenever John Hammond states that he has "spared no expense", take a drink.

  • Every time a dinosaur appears on-screen, take adrink.

  • Take a drink every time you see the Jurassic Park logo (above) in the movie.

  • Y'know that famous scene when Gennaro and the kids are in the car and they notice the ripples in their water cups (caused, of course, by the massive footsteps of a Tyrannosaurus Rex)?  When you first see the ripples, all players must pick their glasses/cups up off the table. The last person to do so must finish their drink.

  • Every time you hear that one bit of John Williams's theme music (da-da-daaa-da-da), take a drink.

  • Finally, take a drink every time you want to punch Jeff Goldblum.

Happy drinking, dinosaur fans! Click here for more fun drinking games.

Our Favourite Drinking Accessories

Posted by Luke

Getting drunk is a lot of fun, as we're sure you're already aware. But you know what's even more fun? Getting drunk using a bunch of fun drinking accessories!

Pony drinking

Drinking accessories: the only thing that separates us from the ponies.

If you need a little something extra to spice up your next party, here are 5 of Beer Bong UK's favourite drinking accessories ever. Used individually, each one will guarantee you a good time; combine all five, and the fun will be legendary.

Test tube shot glasses

Test Tube Shot Glasses

If you've been to a club in the last ten years, you've probably been served (or offered, at the very least) shots in test tube-shaped glasses. But why go to a club when you could enjoy a rack of test tube shots at home? Ours are more colourful anyway.

2L Beer Stein

Getting up for a refill every time you finish your pint can be kind of a pain. This gigantic beer mug is the perfect solution: with a capacity of two litres, it holds roughly three and a half pints, so you should find that you need significantly fewer refills over the course of an evening.


Fist beer cooler


The Fist Beer Cooler

Have you ever wanted to keep your beer cool whilst feeling like you could crush a small car with your bare hands? Then this is the drinking accessory for you!


Shark Fin Ice Tray

Drinks need ice, but nobody ever said that ice had to be cube-shaped. We personally prefer to chill our beverages with these rather menacing shark fins...and yes, we do hum the Jaws theme every time we take them out of the freezer.


Pink Flamingo Beer Bong

You didn't honestly think that we'd let this entire blog post go by without at least one beer bong, did you? It's literally the name of the company! Still, this is no ordinary beer bong - it looks more like a flamingo than a funnel, which our boffins tell us makes it 60% more fun. That's science, friends.

More drinking accessories here.

Google Just Got Better..

Posted by Luke

So we're not sure about you, but we pretty much use Google multiple times a day. Not only is it a pocket answer to anything you could ever possibly want to know, but it can give us directions and information in a matter of seconds. As brilliant as Google undoubtedly is, the latest development to the search engine giant is undoubtedly, without any argument our favourite feature to have ever been available at the click of a finger: Google now knows how to mix cocktails. 

This might sound a little absurd at first, but what we're essentially saying is that every time you Google a cocktail, the search engine will now walk you through the recipe, letting you know exactly which ingredients are in the cocktail of your choice, some information about the cocktail and even how to make it for yourself! We don't know about you, but that's certainly a service we can get behind in a big way! 

We quite fancy Google as a top bartender, and the new addition to their services comes as part of their Knowledge Graph, which has been adding cards to Google searches continuously for almost 3 years now, including little facts about random things which relate to your searches, but this is undoubtedly the best development yet. 

Google have now revolutionised house parties and general university life forever - and we for one couldn't be any more excited about it. We don't know about you, but tonight is now going to be spent perfecting our home mixing skills and making some seriously bad-ass cocktails to kick start the weekend in style.


Google, how do I make a margarita please? Ariba! 



This will never get old. Ever. 

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Chinese Drinks for Chinese New Year

Posted by Luke

Chinese New Year

In case you weren't already aware, today (February 19) is Chinese New Year! We have left behind the Year of the Horse, and we are now entering the Year of the Sheep...or possibly the Goat...or maybe even the Ram. It depends on who you ask.

Still, we're not Mandarin experts, and we're not here to debate which animal is currently running the show in China. Instead, we're here to take a revealing look at the wonderful world of Chinese alcohol - after all, New Year's Day is one of the biggest boozing occasions on the calendar, and our friends in China enjoy the odd drink as much as the next nation!

So, what will they be chugging in China tonight? We've done a bit of research, and here are our best guesses...

  • Baijiu - Roughly translated, the word 'baijiu' means 'white wine', but that name is somewhat misleading. In actual fact, baijiu is not a wine at all, but a very strong spirit, closer in taste and strength to vodka than to chardonnay or pinot grigio. It's also the most-consumed spirit in the world, which is quite a feat given how many rum 'n' cokes the Beer Bong UK team can put away on a Friday night.

  • Huangjiu - 'Huangjiu' means 'yellow wine', but again, this stuff is far stronger than anything in your uncle's cellar. Your average bottle of huangjiu clocks in at around 20%, and it's made from grains (rice, wheat, and various others that we've never heard of) instead of grapes.

  • Beer - Ah, now you're speaking our language, China! Spirits may be the country's first choice when it comes to getting plastered, but Chinese people still have a great fondness for lager - the best-selling brands are Snow and Tsingtao. Wonder if they ever use beer bongs...?

  • Luzhou Laojiao - Let's end on a bit of an oddity, shall we? Luzhou Laojiao is a peach-flavoured liqueur with an ABV content of more than 50%, making it significantly stronger than Jack Daniel's, Smirnoff Red Label Vodka, and Kraken Black Spiced Rum. It is made in a clay-walled environment (an essential contributing factor to LL's unique taste) and has been in production since the Ming dynasty (which, as you know, spanned from 1368 to 1644), making it one of the oldest liquors in China.

Unfortunately, it's probably too late to import any of these for the Chinese New Year party that you're throwing this evening...maybe next year, eh?

Photo by Daniel Dionne

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New Beer Pong Sets

Posted by Luke

Four terrific twists on the party classic - beer pong will never be the same!

New beer pong sets


Clockwise from top left: Party PongTwist Pong, Hen Party PongStrip Pong

If you're a big fan of beer pong, we've got some rather good news for you. We've added not one, not two, but FOUR brand new beer pong games to our website, and each one is a bigger barrel o' laughs than you can possibly imagine.

Allow us to introduce you to...

Party Pong set

Party Pong

Party pong is a beer pong game that your whole party can play! Anyone hoping to sit quietly on the sidelines while the others take care of business is out of luck - this game will get everybody involved, with mini-games, challenges, forfeits, and naturally, a whole lot of drinking!


Twist Pong set

Twist Pong

If you're looking for a fresh twist on traditional beer pong rules, the aptly-named Twist Pong may be just what you're looking for! Every lost cup results in a spin of the spinner, the results of which could be completely game-changing! Twist Pong will keep you on your toes until the very last shot.


Hen Party Beer Pong

Hen Party Pong

There ain't no party like a bachelorette party, and this particular pong set is perfect for those rowdy nights out (or in!) with the girls. The game comes with 6 dares for the bride, and 6 for everybody else at the party - we won't tell you exactly what the cards say, but rest assured that they're all rather naughty!


Strip beer pong

Strip Pong

And speaking of naughty, our fourth and final pong set is the naughtiest of them all! Strip Pong is exactly what it sounds like: a steamy spin on beer pong that will have you taking off your clothes while you get squiffy!

Thirsty for more? Check out our Beer Pong department to see our full range of beer pong products!

Game of Thrones Drinking Game

Posted by Luke

Good news for Game of Thrones fans: the people behind HBO's runaway hit have confirmed a premiere date for season 5! The Starks, the Lannisters, and all the others will officially be back on our screens on Sunday the 12th of April.

To celebrate, we've put together a set of rules for our very own Game of Thrones drinking game! Many of the show's protagonists are constantly getting sloshed (cough cough Tyrion Lannister cough), and so it only seems fair that we the viewers should be allowed to get in on the fun as well.

Without further ado, then, here are the rules for Beer Bong UK's Drinking Game of Thrones. Why not practise with some previous episodes while you wait for the new season to arrive?

You Will Need:

  • Game of Thrones boxset (though we don't recommend drinking through more than 1 or 2 episodes in one session!)
  • A steady supply of alcohol
  • Something to drink out of (try our Party Essentials section)


The Rules:

  1. Keep up, Podrick: Whenever somebody takes a drink on-screen, take a drink of your own.

  2. Honour the Dead: Whenever somebody dies on-screen, take a drink. If you actually knew that character's name, take two drinks.

  3. Wardrobe Malfunction: Whenever nipples (male or female) are shown on-screen, take a drink.

  4. The Old Gods and the New: Whenever somebody mentions a god or gods, take a drink. This includes the Lord of Light, the God of Death, the Seven, the Drowned God, etc.

  5. You Must Be Ned Stark's Bastard: Whenever someone calls Jon a 'bastard', take a drink.

  6. You Must Be Tywin Lannister's Dwarf: Whenever someone calls Tyrion a dwarf - or makes any reference to his height - take a drink.

  7. Can't Fight This Feeling: Whenever Ser Jorah gazes longingly at Daenerys - or suggests in any way that he might have feelings for her - take a drink.

  8. White Walkers Whenever somebody mentions or makes reference to the White Walkers, take a drink. If a White Walker is actually shown on-screen, finish your drink (once per episode).

  9. Dragons: Whenever somebody mentions dragons, take a drink. If somebody states that dragons are extinct/no longer exist, take two drinks.

  10. Hodor: Whenever Hodor says 'Hodor', take a drink.


Bonus Rule:

Take a drink whenever the 'words' of a Great House are spoken. If you need a reminder, here are the phrases to listen for:

  • Winter is Coming (House Stark)
  • Hear Me Roar (House Lannister)
  • Ours is the Fury (House Baratheon)
  • Fire and Blood (House Targaryen)
  • As High as Honour (House Arryn)
  • We Do Not Sow (House Greyjoy)
  • Family, Duty, Honour (House Tully)
  • Our Blades Are Sharp (House Bolton)
  • Growing Strong (House Tyrell)
  • Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken (House Martell)

Be aware that there are a few scenes in which the 'words' of various houses are discussed at length (e.g. when Maester Luwin teaches Bran Stark about the Great Houses of Westeros, or when Olenna Tyrell complains that 'Growing Strong' is pretty naff compared to 'Winter is Coming' et al). Depending on the episode you're watching, you may end up drinking quite a bit!

5 Ways to Make Beer Pong More Challenging

Posted by Luke

If you're an experienced beer pong player, you may be starting to get bored of it. Where's the fun in sinking all of your opponent's cups before they've even landed a single shot? Why bother playing if the outcome is a forgone conclusion?

Well, for those who are finding that the game of beer pong has lost its challenge, we have a few suggestions. Here are five sure-fire ways of making beer pong fun again!


1. Spin Pong

A moving target is harder to hit, right? You may be able to throw a ball into a cup that's stood there like a lemon, but will you still be such a hotshot when the cups are SPINNING?



2. Penalties for Missing

The trouble with your traditional game of beer pong is the stakes - they're just too low. There's no punishment for missing...unless, of course, you enforce your own! For example, you could decree that players must drink a cup for every miss - the game would be over pretty quickly, but it would certainly be a bigger challenge! Alternatively, your opponent could choose an embarrassing forfeit for you to perform when you miss a shot.


Drinking beer

3. Reverse the Rules

Here's another problem with the game as it's usually played: the worse you do, the drunker you get. If your opponent has lost 5 cups and you haven't lost any, they're 5 beers drunker than you, which makes it far easier for you to sink the remaining cups and win the game. So why not switch things up a little? If your ball lands in one of your enemy's cups, YOU have to drink the contents of that cup. This means that the game gets progressively more difficult as you play - it's not too hard to land that first shot, but wait and see how difficult it is to get that last cup when you've already drunk 9. 

style="text-align: center;"Pool pong

4. Play in the Pool

Trust us, it becomes a lot more difficult to take careful aim when you're treading water at the same time!


5. Stand Further Back

Maybe - and this is just a thought - you're finding it a little too easy because you're stood too close to the table? Take a few steps back, hotshot.

Visit our Beer Pong section for more awesome beer pong stuff!

Mario Kart Drinking Game

Posted by Luke

Forget your Gran Turismos and your Needs for Speeds; Mario Kart is, and always will be, the very best racing game on the market. It doesn't matter which version you're playing - whether you're on the Wii U, the Gamecube, the N64 or the SNES, karting with Mario and his buddies is always a blast.

But you know what would make it even MORE fun? A few drinks! If you want to take your Mario Kart fun to an alcoholic new level when next you play, here are the rules to follow:

Mario Kart - Drinking Rules

Suitable for all Mario Kart games.

  1. Yoshi Costs Extra: When choosing characters, the player who selects Yoshi must take a drink before the race begins.

  2. Lap it Up: At the end of each lap (except the final lap), you must drop your controller and drink before proceeding. If you are currently in 1st place, take 3 sips; 2nd place takes 2 sips, and 3rd place takes 1 sip. If you are in 4th place or lower, you may ignore this rule and keep driving.

  3. Can't Steer: If you fall of the edge of the track, take a drink. (Warning: stay away from Rainbow Road, or this rule may kill you)

  4. The Right to Bear Arms: Before using any item/weapon, you must put down your controller and take a drink. This rule does not apply if you are in last place, or if the weapon in question is a blue shell (see rule #7)

  5. Go Bananas: If you skid on a banana, you must put your controller down, stand up, and spin around three times before proceeding.

  6. You Idiot: If you hit a fake item box, you must put your controller down and finish your drink before proceeding.

  7. What a Shell-end: Before using a blue shell, you must drop your controller, stand up, and announce to the room: "I am a terrible friend!" If a player fails to make this proclamation before launching a blue shell, pause the game and encourage everyone to boo enthusiastically while he/she finishes his/her drink.

Just seven rules, but a far more enjoyable game, we think! Remember to drink responsibly and stop when you've had enough (this applies to both alcohol and Mario Kart).