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New Beer Pong Sets

Posted by Luke

Four terrific twists on the party classic - beer pong will never be the same!

New beer pong sets


Clockwise from top left: Party PongTwist Pong, Hen Party PongStrip Pong

If you're a big fan of beer pong, we've got some rather good news for you. We've added not one, not two, but FOUR brand new beer pong games to our website, and each one is a bigger barrel o' laughs than you can possibly imagine.

Allow us to introduce you to...

Party Pong set

Party Pong

Party pong is a beer pong game that your whole party can play! Anyone hoping to sit quietly on the sidelines while the others take care of business is out of luck - this game will get everybody involved, with mini-games, challenges, forfeits, and naturally, a whole lot of drinking!


Twist Pong set

Twist Pong

If you're looking for a fresh twist on traditional beer pong rules, the aptly-named Twist Pong may be just what you're looking for! Every lost cup results in a spin of the spinner, the results of which could be completely game-changing! Twist Pong will keep you on your toes until the very last shot.


Hen Party Beer Pong

Hen Party Pong

There ain't no party like a bachelorette party, and this particular pong set is perfect for those rowdy nights out (or in!) with the girls. The game comes with 6 dares for the bride, and 6 for everybody else at the party - we won't tell you exactly what the cards say, but rest assured that they're all rather naughty!


Strip beer pong

Strip Pong

And speaking of naughty, our fourth and final pong set is the naughtiest of them all! Strip Pong is exactly what it sounds like: a steamy spin on beer pong that will have you taking off your clothes while you get squiffy!

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