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2014 Six Nations Drinking Game

Posted by Luke

Let's get to it lads and lasses, we're in the thick of the 6 nations rugby season (to many, this is more exciting than Christmas) and after a cracking and surprising weekend of rugby where the Wales team we were expecting finally turned up and beat France and England managed to conquer the might Ireland, the competition has been blown wide open once again.


Basically, from now on everything is about to get unbearably exciting. Need a way to make it even more exciting? Then we recommend you print out and laminate the Welsh Dai Lama's 2014 Six Nations Drinking Game and get involved in the festivities! 


The Welsh Dai Lama is somewhat of a Welsh legend on Twitter - and he certainly knows a thing or two about rugby. This is why he's created a hilarious Six Nations drinking game for all to follow and enjoy. If you follow the rules and drink appropriately, you should find yourself pretty merry after just one game. Note: unless you fancy getting really squiffy then we wouldn't recommend playing this drinking game through more than one game of rugby! 

If you want a way to relieve the pressure of the six nations, get a little bit merry and have a jolly good time then we'd recommend you give this Six Nations Drinking Game a go! Of course, you can get particularly patriotic if you fancy too with our Wales Ultimate Beer Bong, Ireland Ultimate Beer Bong, Scotland Ultimate Beer Bong or England Ultimate Beer Bong - though we do recommend using these cautiously, a hit on a beer bong can pack a mighty punch! 

Boozy Tuesdays with Brothers Cider

Posted by Luke

To kick off our first ever Boozy Tuesday, we thought we’d talk to you a bit about our office’s favourite tipple – Brothers Cider.

Brothers have been making cider as far back as 1658! To put that in perspective, at that time the head of state in the land was Oliver Cromwell – so yeah, it is fair to say that Brothers have quite the pedigree.

For those of you who don’t know, Brothers make a range of fruit-flavoured ciders that have taken our nation by storm! They offer such celebrated cider slurps as strawberry, wild fruit, toffee apple, pear, apple, and cloudy lemon; not to mention their celebrated Festival variety which is a – quite literally - staggering 7% proof, making it ideal for festal festival frolicking indeed!

We think it is fair to say that sometimes you want an alcoholic drink where you can really taste the alcohol itself, but most of the time you want a pleasant beverage which puts a smile on your face – Brother Cider is most definitely that beverage!

The initial hit of flavourful fruit is followed by a satisfying surge of cider apples, so in many ways it’s a double fruit flurry, though we don’t think they’ll count towards your 5 a day. The whole taste experience will have you reaching for your bottle frequently, and the range of flavours we have already discussed will ensure that your taste-buds are kept on their toes!

We couldn’t really think of a better bottle to begin our boozy Tuesdays with; so if you don’t know, get to know!


Get Your Beer Bong For The Six Nations!

Posted by Luke



This weekend, there is another line up of great games for the Six Nations. On Saturday 8th, Ireland are playing Wales, and we have the perfect drinking accessories for you to show your support! Match days usually mean a lot of drinking for people, so get your mates together and introduce them to your new beer bong!

We have two that will be perfect for this weekend's events: introducing the Ireland Ultimate Beer Bong and the Wales Ultimate Beer Bong. Choose whoever you wish to support, and enjoy your beer through your national beer bong! With a 2.5 pint capacity, you won't go thirsty! Grab yours before the weekend, and check out the rest of our beer bongs here - we have a variety of beer bongs that would be suitable for all of the Six Nations teams.

Another Beer Bong Competition!

Posted by Luke

Facebook competition details

Following the success of our beer bong competition on Twitter (the winner, incidentally, was Rhiannon Maxwell - round of applause!) we've decided to do another. This time, however, it's happening over on Facebook!

If you fancy winning yourself an Ultimate Beer Bong, here's how to enter:

  • Pop over to the Beer Bong UK Facebook page and Like us
  • Like the competition post
  • Give yourself a pat on the back, because you are now in with a chance of winning yourself a beer bong!

It really is as simple as that - two likes, and you've entered! We'll be announcing the winner on Facebook at 12 noon on Friday the 7th of February, so you've only got a few days to get your entry in.

Why are you still here? Go go go!

Drinking Game - Black 'n' Red

Posted by Luke

Playing cards

Here's a good drinking game that's easy to learn and quick to play. A student friend of ours told us about it - she recommended playing it when the taxi is on its way and you need to finish your drinks quickly before heading to the club.

How to Play Black 'n' Red

You will need: a standard deck of playing cards, a drink for every player

  1. Sit in a circle and choose one person to be the dealer.
  2. The dealer goes around the circle, placing a card in front of each player in turn. If the card is red (a heart or a diamond) that player must drink; if the card is black (a spade or a club), the player can nominate someone else to take a drink.
  3. Continue until the whole deck has been used. Then, if you're still waiting for the taxi to arrive, pick up all the cards and start again!

We told you it was pretty straightforward. If you want to make it more complicated, you can stipulate that picture cards (kings, queens, jacks) count for two drinks, or that aces reverse the direction of play, or something like that, but we think that this game is just perfect in its simplest form!