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Our Ultimate Beer Bongs are back in stock!

Posted by Luke


We have great news ladies and gentleman! Our Ultimate Beer Bongs are back in stock and just in time for summer! There's no better way to sink your beer, than through a beer bong, fact! And, an added bonus, it saves you having to wash up all the glasses the day after, we know how much of a daunting task that can be! This beer bong is the perfect drinking accessory to get your garden or house parties started and priced at just £6.99, it's a bargain! So, what are you waiting for? Grab yourself one of these bad boys and get downing your drinks, before we sell out again!

Purchase your Ultimate Beer Bong here


Look Out It's Bongzilla

Posted by Luke

Tearing, trashing and terrorising its way through the streets of down-town Tokyo, Bongzilla leaves all who encounter it in an inebriated state of drunken delirium! We are of course not referring to the fictional Japanese beast, but our very own 6 man monster bong - Bongzilla!

In our defence, there are many similarities to be drawn between the two, hence the name. The beauty of Bongzilla is that it brings people together in the most chug-filled, brilliantly-boozy way. You and up to 5 other pals can all grab a tube, stand under the giant funnel, and start chugging like the animals you are! 

You'll also be pleased to learn that this bongzilla comes with 6 funnel plugs; these can be used to block unused holes meaning you can use as many hoses as you want - you could even use it on your own if you're crazy enough to take on the monster alone!

Whatever you decide to do, this beast of a bong is actually pretty friendly as long as you play with him responsibly, and if you don't... the consequences will be more than a bit monstrous. 


Get Your Beer Bong For The Six Nations!

Posted by Luke



This weekend, there is another line up of great games for the Six Nations. On Saturday 8th, Ireland are playing Wales, and we have the perfect drinking accessories for you to show your support! Match days usually mean a lot of drinking for people, so get your mates together and introduce them to your new beer bong!

We have two that will be perfect for this weekend's events: introducing the Ireland Ultimate Beer Bong and the Wales Ultimate Beer Bong. Choose whoever you wish to support, and enjoy your beer through your national beer bong! With a 2.5 pint capacity, you won't go thirsty! Grab yours before the weekend, and check out the rest of our beer bongs here - we have a variety of beer bongs that would be suitable for all of the Six Nations teams.

Another Beer Bong Competition!

Posted by Luke

Facebook competition details

Following the success of our beer bong competition on Twitter (the winner, incidentally, was Rhiannon Maxwell - round of applause!) we've decided to do another. This time, however, it's happening over on Facebook!

If you fancy winning yourself an Ultimate Beer Bong, here's how to enter:

  • Pop over to the Beer Bong UK Facebook page and Like us
  • Like the competition post
  • Give yourself a pat on the back, because you are now in with a chance of winning yourself a beer bong!

It really is as simple as that - two likes, and you've entered! We'll be announcing the winner on Facebook at 12 noon on Friday the 7th of February, so you've only got a few days to get your entry in.

Why are you still here? Go go go!

Create Your Own Beer Bong!

Posted by Luke

One of the best bits of the Beer Bong UK website is our Custom Beer Bong page, which allows you to put together a beer bong in any way you choose! You can customise every single aspect of the bong, from its colour to the length of its tube. It’s a great way of personalising your party experience!

If you’re stuck for ideas, we’ve got some nuggets of inspiration. Why not make a beer bong that matches the colours of your favourite football team? Or, create a Dual Bong with two Double connectors – if our maths is correct, that adds up to a 4-person beer bong bonanza!

There really are dozens of possibilities, so pop over to our bong builder page now and get creative! The beer will taste all the better for it!