Beer Pong

Welcome to our Beer Pong section! Forget Spin the Bottle and leave Twister in the cupboard, because beer pong is the ultimate party game. The rules are simple – all you have to do is throw your ping-pong ball into your opponent’s cups – but as usual, the alcohol makes everything a lot more interesting.

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Original Beer Pong Kit
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Ultimate American Style Beer Pong Set
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Pack of 5 Branded Beer Pong Balls
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Princess Beer Pong Set
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50 American Style Blue Solo Cups
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50 American Style Red Solo Cups
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American Style 22 Cup Beer Pong
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Twist Pong Set
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Party Pong Set
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Hen Party Pong
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Strip Pong Set
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Whether you're having a few friendly rounds or an intense, no-holds-barred beer pong tournament, we've got everything you could possibly need here at Beer Bong UK. You don't need much equipment to play beer pong - a table, a couple of balls, and a few cups is all that's really necessary!
Having said that, we do have lots of different options on offer. If you just want to get started, grab one of our awesome beer pong sets and you'll be off to the races (you may also be interested in our How to Play Beer Pong guide). If, on the other hand, you're something of a pro...well, we've got plenty to offer you, too. Our professional beer pong table was specifically made for pong tournaments - it's far superior to your mum's dining table!

If you want next day delivery when you buy beer pong products from us, just be sure to tick the relevant box and complete your order before 2pm. Otherwise, your goods won't be posted until the next working day, and you won't receive them until the day after that.