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Drinking Games Rules – Boxing

Posted by Luke

This is a simple game that draws a lot of parallels to real boxing, with a lot less punches thrown (we hope), though you do still technically have an opportunity to knock your opponent out, and have them dribbling on the floor. Here’s how to play:

What You Need:

A stopwatch/clock

2 shot glasses

4 people

2 dice



How to Play:

1. 2 people play this game at a time – just like a boxing match – with 2 other people assisting them, just like their corner men.

2. Each players sits at opposite sides of the table and rolls the dice. The player with the lowest score ‘takes a punch’ and has a shot.

3. The corner man fills up the empty shot as quickly as they can, then the player has another roll of the dice.

4. The game is played in 3 minute rounds with a 30 second break in-between rounds – again, like boxing.

5. The game is played until someone throws in the towel or pukes – though of course you could put a limit on the number of rounds to prevent this.

Drinking Games Rules - Flip, Sip or Strip

Posted by Luke

As far as drinking games go, Flip, Sip or Strip is nice and simple - which is good, because there is nothing worse than explaining complicated rules to a room full of drunken people!

This game works best with about 3-5 people, but can be played with more.

1. Flip a coin, and while it is in the air call heads or tails.

2. If you guess right, pass the coin to your right, if you guess wrong, pass the coin to the your left and either take an article of clothing off (anything in a 'pair' counts as one item) or have a shot!

3. You can not do one thing more than twice in a row. For example, if you chose to drink the first time, the next time you have to take some clothes off.

4. When you are completely naked, of course you can only drink.

5. There is no definite end or winner to this game really, though we think the most naked, drunk person is most definitely the loser!