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Drinking Games Rules - Never Have I Ever

Posted by Luke

'Never Have I Ever' is one of the most popular drinking games, so it only makes sense it the first one we cover in our brand-new drinking games category! Basically, the idea is we're going to build a large collection of all the most popular drinking games so that you always have a trusty resource to fall back on, as well as give you inspiration for new party games.

In theory, you can play Never Have I Ever with any number of people, but we'd recommend around 5 people as a good place to start. And of course, before you start you will all need to pour yourselves each a drink.

1. Start by choosing the beginner - In order to decide who goes first you can either flip a coin, play rock, paper or scissors, or just randomly select a member.

2. Have the first player make their statement - The statement must be an act that person have never done before. For example, 'I have never been to a strip-club', in which case everyone who actually has been to a strip-club has to have a shot of their drink.

3. If in fact nobody has done it, and they don't take a drink, then the person who made the statement must knock back a glass themselves - This is where the game gets interesting and strategic. If you don't think anyone has done it, don't say it.

4. The game is decided by either who is the most sober, or who had to drink the least shots (so it makes sense to keep a tally of everyone's drinks) - Essentially, Never Have I Ever can go on indefinitely, though we'd recommend stopping when things get a little out of hand, as with most drinking games. Decide the winner based on how who is most sober, or who had to drink the least shots - the latter is obviously a lot more easily measurable.

Beer Pong Tournament Rules

Posted by Luke

1.This tournament is a single elimination tournament.


2.1-4 members are allowed per team.


3.A flip of a coin will decide which team throws first.


4.Each member of the team is only allowed to shoot one ball per turn, though if they if they land that shot they will be awarded with a bonus shot.


5.If a shot is made then the player may remove the ball, but the cups must remain in the same spot.


6.Elbows must be behind the table edge when shooting.


7.If a team fails to make a shot after 5 attempts in a row they forfeit a cup.


8.All cups that fall to the floor in the game are pronounced as dead (bar the last cup).


9.One cup made by a bouncing equates to two cups – opponents are allowed to deflect bounce shots.


10.Games are won when one team sinks all 6 of the opposing team’s cups.


11.Members are free to distract the opposing team, but must refrain from touching the opposing members, going over to their side of the table, or blocking their cups in any way.


 12.No rebounds, blowing, or cup-blocking  allowed.