Essential Drinking Accessories

Welcome to our party essentials department! This page is packed with shot glasses, drinking games, and all the other party supplies that we just had to include on our website. We're reasonably certain that every occasion can be improved by the addition of a few novelty drinking accessories!

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Bomber Jagerbomb Cup - Pink 10 Pack
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Bomber Jagerbomb Cup - Gold 10 Pack
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Bomber Jagerbomb Cup - Yellow 10 Pack
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Have You Got Your Party Essentials?

A party needs all kinds of things to really take off. Beer bongs will always come in handy, of course, but what about all the other bits and pieces? Have you stocked up on shot glasses for your guests? And do you have any good games for them to play?

If not, don’t panic, because you’re on the right website. Berr Bong UK's Party Essentials page is dedicated to all of those odds and ends you might have forgotten to grab for the big night. Our comprehensive collection of drinking accessories really does have something for everyone!

If you’re planning the best party ever, we want to help, and our vast collection of drinking accessories will provide all those finishing touches that make good parties great.