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Boozy Tuesdays - Coca Leaf Liqueur

Posted by Luke

Today’s Boozy Tuesdays is all about Agwa de Bolivia – the coca leaf liqueur. Now narcotic experts amongst you – which we are sure there are many – will be aware that coca leaves are what cocaine is made from. We have to break it to you now though guys the quantities are not enough to give you that same euphoric high, but it’s still a drink worth talking about, so we shall!

Agwa de Bolivia contains 40 grams of coca leaf per litre of liqueur, and although this may sound like a lot, it actually takes considerably more to make even a small amount of the white stuff – plus it’s kind of against the law, so stick to this green poison for now, yeah?

Agwa de Bolivia may not be a legal shortcut to an intense class A buzz, but it is still 30% abv, so it’ll get you pretty sloshed at least. The unique bitter and sweet taste from the liqueur comes from Amazonian gaurana and Chinese ginseng, as well as of course the infamous coca leaf.

It is believed that ancient Incans used coca leaves to fuel their messengers on long expeditions through thick woodlands, and it is still used today as a tea to combat altitude sickness - so it’s about a lot more than Scarface and rolled up twenties! Agwa de Bolivia is best drunk ice cold as a shot, or mixed with lemon, cola, or tonic for a coca leaf cocktail!