Party Pong Set

Having a party? Awesome! Want to play beer pong at that party? Of course you do!

But there's a problem. Beer pong is a game for two players only, and you'll have several dozen people in your house this coming weekend. You don't want people to feel left out - is it possible to play beer pong with all of your friends at once?

It is now! Say hello to Party Pong, the beer pong game that gets EVERYBODY involved!


  • 24 x Party Forfeit cards
  • 14 x beer pong cups
  • 2 x balls
  • Box with instructions

How to Play:

  1. Fill 12 cups with beer, and 2 with water. Arrange the beer cups into triangle formations at either end of a long table (6 cups at each end), and set the water cups to one side - these will be used to wash the balls.
  2. Select 2 'shooters' from your group. The shooters should stand at opposite ends of the table, each with a set of cups in front of them. Everybody else should form a circle around the table.
  3. Shuffle the Party Forfeit deck and place 1 card under each of the beer cups.
  4. beer pong! Shooters take it in turns to throw balls at the other shooter's cups.
  5. If a ball lands in a cup, that cup's owner must drink the cup's contents, then read out the card. EVERYBODY must follow the card's instructions.
  6. Once the card has been resolved, play continues as normal until one shooter runs out of cups.

Now, we know what you're thinking - what do the Party Forfeit cards say? We'd like that to be a surprise, but just to give you a flavour, here are a few examples:

  • SUPERMAN: Everybody strikes a Superman pose. The last person to do so takes a drink.
  • CATEGORIES: The person reading this card selects a category (e.g. capital cities). Going around the circle, everybody must name something that fits the chosen category (e.g. Paris, London, Lisbon). Anyone who fails to name something takes a drink.
  • VIKINGS  The person reading this card is now the 'Viking Master'. At any point from now on, the Viking Master may make a horn shape on his/her head - when this happens all other players must make a rowing action or take a drink.
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