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3 Safer Drinking Games

Posted by Luke

Although wet and nominate is the current phenomenon, who remembers Neknominate (or neck and nominate)? We enjoyed the gist of the game, but there were a few problems that arose from its nature. You see this drinking game was actually played individually, and rather than trying to directly avoid a quick down of your drink, people were entering themselves into an all-out drinking war where the aim was to out-do and out-disgust all who watch.

All of this stirred a very laddish mentality in which extreme and dangerous measures were being taken in order to get one over on the previous video - which has carried on with the latest wet and nominate challenges for sure. The contents of what was being necked switched away from solely alcoholic drinks to things like fabric softener, urine, and even faeces; it goes without saying that things got out of hand!

We are not complete party-poopers here at BeerBongUK, how could we be? And to prove this, we have compiled a list of several safe drinking games that involve merriment, the fast consumption of milder alcohol, and most importantly fun – safe fun!

I Have Never

This is a great safe drinking game that is only really in danger of exposing some of your dirtiest secrets! The game involves a person saying the infamous words ‘I have never…’ followed by an act they haven’t done. All who have never taken part in the said act are safe, but all who have must have a mouthful of their drinks. The beauty of this game is say you know some dirt about someone who is playing you can tailor your ‘I have never’s’ to make sure they have to take a swig.

International Drinking Game Rules

This one is a little more complicated and will certainly have people thinking, as well as catching them out and making them take a drink! The idea is you specify a set of random rules at the start of the night, and those who break them have to take a gulp! There is nothing stopping you making up your own rules, but here are the standard ones: you can’t say names – no calling anyone by their name or nickname; no pointing – you have to use your elbows or fists only; you can’t say the word drink – this includes variations; no swearing – self-explanatory, and a nice way to have a clean night. If any of these rules are broken at any time the culprit must take a swig – you are master of your own destiny here!


21s is a great fast-paced-fun game to play before a night out, though we don’t recommend playing it for too long. The first player elects the position by saying ‘1 to my left’. The counting then continues – if one player says two numbers e.g. ‘2,3’ the game changes direction, if the player says three numbers e.g. ‘2,3’4’ then it carries on in the same direction but skips out a player. Basically you’ll have a circle of people shouting out numbers back and forth with the direction constantly changing, and if anyone messes up the system… they have to drink!

Any of these games are pretty safe to play as long as your drink isn’t a unit-laden one, and you only play them in moderation! Better still, all these drinking games are about having fun in a group dynamic as opposed to drinking something nasty on your own, with a video camera, for Facebook. Remember to drink to enjoy, and not to destroy!