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Glastonbury Music Festival: The Drinking Game

Posted by Luke

Didn't manage to get tickets to this year's Glastonbury? Not to worry, you could always play this fantastic drinking game whilst watching the televised coverage. The BBC coverage of the festival can be boring at times but by playing our drinking game, you will add a bit of excitement to your viewing and it will make you totally forget how you missed the opportunity to be there in person! Make sure you have plenty of drinks at hand and you've pitched up your duvet tent, things are about to get messy! Here are Beer Bong UK's unofficial drinking rules for the Glastonbury music festival:


Take A Drink: 

  • When You Spot Someone With A Flower Crown 
  • When You Spot a Rude/Funny Flag 
  • If The Crowd Start Raising Their Lighters / Mobile Flash In The Air 
  • If The Artist Says "Are You Guys Having A Good Time" 
  • If Someone Is In A Nirvana T-Shirt 
  • If A Young Woman With A Painted Face, Is On A Friends Shoulders


Take 2 Drinks:

  • If You Spot A Celebrity In The Crowd
  • When A VT Fails To Rol
  • If The Artist Says "Hello Glastonbury
  • If The Artist Goes Barefoot 
  • If It Starts To Rain 
  • If A person Is Covered In Mud 
  • If Someone In The Crowd, Crowd Surfs


Take 3 Drinks: 

  • If A Man Is On A Woman's Shoulders (as well as praying for them)
  • If The Paramedics Or Policeman Start Dancing 
  • If There Are Any Technical Difficulties 
  • If A Singer Crowd Surfs


Have fun, and don't forget to stock up on some Drinking Accessories before you play!