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Boozy Tuesdays - Coca Leaf Liqueur

Posted by Luke

Today’s Boozy Tuesdays is all about Agwa de Bolivia – the coca leaf liqueur. Now narcotic experts amongst you – which we are sure there are many – will be aware that coca leaves are what cocaine is made from. We have to break it to you now though guys the quantities are not enough to give you that same euphoric high, but it’s still a drink worth talking about, so we shall!

Agwa de Bolivia contains 40 grams of coca leaf per litre of liqueur, and although this may sound like a lot, it actually takes considerably more to make even a small amount of the white stuff – plus it’s kind of against the law, so stick to this green poison for now, yeah?

Agwa de Bolivia may not be a legal shortcut to an intense class A buzz, but it is still 30% abv, so it’ll get you pretty sloshed at least. The unique bitter and sweet taste from the liqueur comes from Amazonian gaurana and Chinese ginseng, as well as of course the infamous coca leaf.

It is believed that ancient Incans used coca leaves to fuel their messengers on long expeditions through thick woodlands, and it is still used today as a tea to combat altitude sickness - so it’s about a lot more than Scarface and rolled up twenties! Agwa de Bolivia is best drunk ice cold as a shot, or mixed with lemon, cola, or tonic for a coca leaf cocktail! 


The Top 5 Hangover Cures

Posted by Luke

While we don’t fully encourage excessive drinking, we realise as beer bong specialists that some of you may… over-indulge. And while we cannot physically stop you from getting off your box what we can do is hope you know your own limits, hope that you are safe, and even throw in some remedies for the next day!

The hangover is perhaps the biggest curse of a good session – it’s either that or the humiliation you face after being a first-class prat! Whichever one it is, both come the day after a heavy night’s drinking, and if you can at least tend to your physical symptoms, you may just be able to sort your head out too.

Everybody has their own special way of dealing with the dreaded post-drink dehydrated depression, so we have scoured the internet, spoke to everyone at our headquarters, and compiled a list of the top 5 most effective hangover cures:

1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Alcohol is a diuretic; this means that your body will always produce more urine than you have actually drunk, hence why you get so dehydrated, hence the headache, dry-mouth, and colourless complexion. Drink plenty of water throughout drinking and before going to bed to try and minimise the effects, and the next day you’ll want an isotonic sports drink to replace those salts!

2. Painkillers

We know some people have to be in pretty bad shape before they reach for painkillers, but surely some of the temple-splitting migraines that follow a big night out are a worthy cause? Pop two ibuprofen or paracetamol as soon as you emerge and we promise you’ll feel better for it.

3. Walk It Off

This is a bit of an old cliché but it really works! If you can manage to go for a walk you will release some endorphins, sweat out some toxins, breathe in some clean air, and simply feel all ‘round feel fresher! The more you hide under your blanket and feel sorry for yourself, the sorrier state you will feel.

4. Eat Right

For some hangovers you may not want to eat a thing, and if you are in a really bad way you will have to be careful you don’t eat anything that will upset your stomach – plain scrambled eggs is one of the best things you can eat! If you do have the munchies then feed that craving, and while we know you will be craving the greasiest food imaginable, throw in some orange juice or a multivitamin to ensure you are not deficient in any vital minerals.

5. Sleep On It

We know this is a bit of an obvious one but facing a hangover on top of sleep deprivation makes everything worse, or at least feel worse in your head. We know that getting a healthy night’s sleep is not always doable as you have other commitments, in which case these are probably the times when you shouldn’t be having a heavy night beforehand – if you are sat here reading this and it is too late, we’re sorry, but bear it in mind next time your mates want a wild one.

Boozy Tuesdays with Brothers Cider

Posted by Luke

To kick off our first ever Boozy Tuesday, we thought we’d talk to you a bit about our office’s favourite tipple – Brothers Cider.

Brothers have been making cider as far back as 1658! To put that in perspective, at that time the head of state in the land was Oliver Cromwell – so yeah, it is fair to say that Brothers have quite the pedigree.

For those of you who don’t know, Brothers make a range of fruit-flavoured ciders that have taken our nation by storm! They offer such celebrated cider slurps as strawberry, wild fruit, toffee apple, pear, apple, and cloudy lemon; not to mention their celebrated Festival variety which is a – quite literally - staggering 7% proof, making it ideal for festal festival frolicking indeed!

We think it is fair to say that sometimes you want an alcoholic drink where you can really taste the alcohol itself, but most of the time you want a pleasant beverage which puts a smile on your face – Brother Cider is most definitely that beverage!

The initial hit of flavourful fruit is followed by a satisfying surge of cider apples, so in many ways it’s a double fruit flurry, though we don’t think they’ll count towards your 5 a day. The whole taste experience will have you reaching for your bottle frequently, and the range of flavours we have already discussed will ensure that your taste-buds are kept on their toes!

We couldn’t really think of a better bottle to begin our boozy Tuesdays with; so if you don’t know, get to know!