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Our Ultimate Beer Bongs are back in stock!

Posted by Luke


We have great news ladies and gentleman! Our Ultimate Beer Bongs are back in stock and just in time for summer! There's no better way to sink your beer, than through a beer bong, fact! And, an added bonus, it saves you having to wash up all the glasses the day after, we know how much of a daunting task that can be! This beer bong is the perfect drinking accessory to get your garden or house parties started and priced at just £6.99, it's a bargain! So, what are you waiting for? Grab yourself one of these bad boys and get downing your drinks, before we sell out again!

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7 Simple Drinking Games That Don't Involve Playing Cards!

Posted by Luke


There's are a lot of drinking games out there and for the majority of them you need a pack of cards, but what if you don't own a pack of cards? We'll worry not, here at Beerbong we want to ensure that no-one is left out, so we've decided to list 7 simple drinking games you can play that doesn't involve a pack of playing cards. 



Drink While You Think 

Drink while you think is a drinking game that tests your ability to think on the spot, whilst you're chugging back your drink. The rules are simple - The first person must say a celebrities name (Matt Damon). Then the person to his/her left must think of a celebrity's name beginning with first letter of that celebrities last name ( Damon -> Daniel Radcliffe) and you must continue around the circle. But there's an added twist, the player must think of this celebrity whilst chugging their drink, so the longer you take to think the more you drink! Can you think quick when the pressure is on and you're pounding back your drink? 



Pennies was one of the very first drinking games ever played and rumour has it there has been cave drawings found of cave men playing pennies - we may have made that bit up, but pennies is still an old and iconic drinking game. The rules are simple, you each take it in turns to try and bounce a penny off the table into a shot glass, miss? Drink. Miss three in a row? Why not make up a rule?




Never Have I Ever 

Never have I ever is a great game that also allows you to find some secrets about your friends that you perhaps didn't already know. The rules are simple, each person takes it in turns to ask a question in the form of "Never have I ever" for example "Never have I gone skinny dipping", everyone who has answered yes, must take a drink. The cycle continues until you're all too drunk to play or you run out of secrets. 


Drunk Jenga  

Drunk Jenga puts a twist on the wooden brick stacking game, we all know and love. Write a rule on each wooden piece perhaps "take 2 drinks" or "Miss a go" you decide! But if you knock down the tower, then you're going to have to down your drink! 



Beer Pong

Beer Pong is featured quite largely on our site, and that's because it's so flipping great! Beer Pong is by far the GREATEST drinking game there has ever been! If you've been living under a rock and you're unaware of how to play beer pong, the rules are simple! Each player has 10 cups each (1 wash cup and 9 cups placed in a triangle, filled with 1/3 full with beer), you must then take it in turns to each throw a ping pong ball into the opponents cup, if the person succeeds with throwing the pong ball into the opponents cup, they must drink that cup filled with alcohol. 

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Would You Rather

We've all played the classic game of "Would you rather?" Well this drinking game, is exactly like that but with a little added twist. Everyone has a vote on the answer and the people that chose the least popular answer, has to drink! 


Russian Roulette Drinking Game 

This is a Russian Roulette game that doesn't result in death but may result in you doing something you'll regret or vomiting. It's simple to play, just start by lining up six shot glasses, fill 5 with water and one with tequila or white rum. Then each player apart from one has to turn around and then the player has to shuffle the glasses around, once that player has shuffled the glasses he must turn around and another player must move the glasses around. Once this is complete, each player must take it in turns to roll a die and drink the shot glass corresponding to that glass until the glass with the tequila is found. 


Try out these drinking games at your next party, if you don't have a pack of cards with you, we promise you'll have a great time!