Strip Pong Set

Fancy a saucier, steamier, and altogether sexier spin on everyone's favourite drinking game? Say hello to Strip Pong, the beer pong game that will get you both drunk and out of your clothes!

The rules are simple: every time your opponent hits one of your cups, you have to spin the Strip Pong spinner and do exactly as it says! This could mean pretending to poledance, or performing a sexy striptease, or even taking the next shot 'doggy style' - that is, through your legs!

Whatever happens, though, one thing's for sure: you won't be wearing much by the time it's over!

Strip Pong - Contents:

  • 14 x beer pong cups
  • 2 x balls
  • 1 x Strip Pong spinner

Full instructions are printed on the game box - keep it handy, in case you need to refresh your memory mid-game!

Strip Pong is the perfect drinking game for couples and really wild parties. Grab your set today!

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