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3 Safer Drinking Games

Posted by Luke

Although wet and nominate is the current phenomenon, who remembers Neknominate (or neck and nominate)? We enjoyed the gist of the game, but there were a few problems that arose from its nature. You see this drinking game was actually played individually, and rather than trying to directly avoid a quick down of your drink, people were entering themselves into an all-out drinking war where the aim was to out-do and out-disgust all who watch.

All of this stirred a very laddish mentality in which extreme and dangerous measures were being taken in order to get one over on the previous video - which has carried on with the latest wet and nominate challenges for sure. The contents of what was being necked switched away from solely alcoholic drinks to things like fabric softener, urine, and even faeces; it goes without saying that things got out of hand!

We are not complete party-poopers here at BeerBongUK, how could we be? And to prove this, we have compiled a list of several safe drinking games that involve merriment, the fast consumption of milder alcohol, and most importantly fun – safe fun!

I Have Never

This is a great safe drinking game that is only really in danger of exposing some of your dirtiest secrets! The game involves a person saying the infamous words ‘I have never…’ followed by an act they haven’t done. All who have never taken part in the said act are safe, but all who have must have a mouthful of their drinks. The beauty of this game is say you know some dirt about someone who is playing you can tailor your ‘I have never’s’ to make sure they have to take a swig.

International Drinking Game Rules

This one is a little more complicated and will certainly have people thinking, as well as catching them out and making them take a drink! The idea is you specify a set of random rules at the start of the night, and those who break them have to take a gulp! There is nothing stopping you making up your own rules, but here are the standard ones: you can’t say names – no calling anyone by their name or nickname; no pointing – you have to use your elbows or fists only; you can’t say the word drink – this includes variations; no swearing – self-explanatory, and a nice way to have a clean night. If any of these rules are broken at any time the culprit must take a swig – you are master of your own destiny here!


21s is a great fast-paced-fun game to play before a night out, though we don’t recommend playing it for too long. The first player elects the position by saying ‘1 to my left’. The counting then continues – if one player says two numbers e.g. ‘2,3’ the game changes direction, if the player says three numbers e.g. ‘2,3’4’ then it carries on in the same direction but skips out a player. Basically you’ll have a circle of people shouting out numbers back and forth with the direction constantly changing, and if anyone messes up the system… they have to drink!

Any of these games are pretty safe to play as long as your drink isn’t a unit-laden one, and you only play them in moderation! Better still, all these drinking games are about having fun in a group dynamic as opposed to drinking something nasty on your own, with a video camera, for Facebook. Remember to drink to enjoy, and not to destroy!

Drinking Games Rules – Boxing

Posted by Luke

This is a simple game that draws a lot of parallels to real boxing, with a lot less punches thrown (we hope), though you do still technically have an opportunity to knock your opponent out, and have them dribbling on the floor. Here’s how to play:

What You Need:

A stopwatch/clock

2 shot glasses

4 people

2 dice



How to Play:

1. 2 people play this game at a time – just like a boxing match – with 2 other people assisting them, just like their corner men.

2. Each players sits at opposite sides of the table and rolls the dice. The player with the lowest score ‘takes a punch’ and has a shot.

3. The corner man fills up the empty shot as quickly as they can, then the player has another roll of the dice.

4. The game is played in 3 minute rounds with a 30 second break in-between rounds – again, like boxing.

5. The game is played until someone throws in the towel or pukes – though of course you could put a limit on the number of rounds to prevent this.

Drinking Games Rules - Flip, Sip or Strip

Posted by Luke

As far as drinking games go, Flip, Sip or Strip is nice and simple - which is good, because there is nothing worse than explaining complicated rules to a room full of drunken people!

This game works best with about 3-5 people, but can be played with more.

1. Flip a coin, and while it is in the air call heads or tails.

2. If you guess right, pass the coin to your right, if you guess wrong, pass the coin to the your left and either take an article of clothing off (anything in a 'pair' counts as one item) or have a shot!

3. You can not do one thing more than twice in a row. For example, if you chose to drink the first time, the next time you have to take some clothes off.

4. When you are completely naked, of course you can only drink.

5. There is no definite end or winner to this game really, though we think the most naked, drunk person is most definitely the loser!

Drinking Games Rules - Never Have I Ever

Posted by Luke

'Never Have I Ever' is one of the most popular drinking games, so it only makes sense it the first one we cover in our brand-new drinking games category! Basically, the idea is we're going to build a large collection of all the most popular drinking games so that you always have a trusty resource to fall back on, as well as give you inspiration for new party games.

In theory, you can play Never Have I Ever with any number of people, but we'd recommend around 5 people as a good place to start. And of course, before you start you will all need to pour yourselves each a drink.

1. Start by choosing the beginner - In order to decide who goes first you can either flip a coin, play rock, paper or scissors, or just randomly select a member.

2. Have the first player make their statement - The statement must be an act that person have never done before. For example, 'I have never been to a strip-club', in which case everyone who actually has been to a strip-club has to have a shot of their drink.

3. If in fact nobody has done it, and they don't take a drink, then the person who made the statement must knock back a glass themselves - This is where the game gets interesting and strategic. If you don't think anyone has done it, don't say it.

4. The game is decided by either who is the most sober, or who had to drink the least shots (so it makes sense to keep a tally of everyone's drinks) - Essentially, Never Have I Ever can go on indefinitely, though we'd recommend stopping when things get a little out of hand, as with most drinking games. Decide the winner based on how who is most sober, or who had to drink the least shots - the latter is obviously a lot more easily measurable.

Beer Pong Tournament Rules

Posted by Luke

1.This tournament is a single elimination tournament.


2.1-4 members are allowed per team.


3.A flip of a coin will decide which team throws first.


4.Each member of the team is only allowed to shoot one ball per turn, though if they if they land that shot they will be awarded with a bonus shot.


5.If a shot is made then the player may remove the ball, but the cups must remain in the same spot.


6.Elbows must be behind the table edge when shooting.


7.If a team fails to make a shot after 5 attempts in a row they forfeit a cup.


8.All cups that fall to the floor in the game are pronounced as dead (bar the last cup).


9.One cup made by a bouncing equates to two cups – opponents are allowed to deflect bounce shots.


10.Games are won when one team sinks all 6 of the opposing team’s cups.


11.Members are free to distract the opposing team, but must refrain from touching the opposing members, going over to their side of the table, or blocking their cups in any way.


 12.No rebounds, blowing, or cup-blocking  allowed.


Look Out It's Bongzilla

Posted by Luke

Tearing, trashing and terrorising its way through the streets of down-town Tokyo, Bongzilla leaves all who encounter it in an inebriated state of drunken delirium! We are of course not referring to the fictional Japanese beast, but our very own 6 man monster bong - Bongzilla!

In our defence, there are many similarities to be drawn between the two, hence the name. The beauty of Bongzilla is that it brings people together in the most chug-filled, brilliantly-boozy way. You and up to 5 other pals can all grab a tube, stand under the giant funnel, and start chugging like the animals you are! 

You'll also be pleased to learn that this bongzilla comes with 6 funnel plugs; these can be used to block unused holes meaning you can use as many hoses as you want - you could even use it on your own if you're crazy enough to take on the monster alone!

Whatever you decide to do, this beast of a bong is actually pretty friendly as long as you play with him responsibly, and if you don't... the consequences will be more than a bit monstrous. 


Boozy Tuesdays - Coca Leaf Liqueur

Posted by Luke

Today’s Boozy Tuesdays is all about Agwa de Bolivia – the coca leaf liqueur. Now narcotic experts amongst you – which we are sure there are many – will be aware that coca leaves are what cocaine is made from. We have to break it to you now though guys the quantities are not enough to give you that same euphoric high, but it’s still a drink worth talking about, so we shall!

Agwa de Bolivia contains 40 grams of coca leaf per litre of liqueur, and although this may sound like a lot, it actually takes considerably more to make even a small amount of the white stuff – plus it’s kind of against the law, so stick to this green poison for now, yeah?

Agwa de Bolivia may not be a legal shortcut to an intense class A buzz, but it is still 30% abv, so it’ll get you pretty sloshed at least. The unique bitter and sweet taste from the liqueur comes from Amazonian gaurana and Chinese ginseng, as well as of course the infamous coca leaf.

It is believed that ancient Incans used coca leaves to fuel their messengers on long expeditions through thick woodlands, and it is still used today as a tea to combat altitude sickness - so it’s about a lot more than Scarface and rolled up twenties! Agwa de Bolivia is best drunk ice cold as a shot, or mixed with lemon, cola, or tonic for a coca leaf cocktail! 


The Top 5 Hangover Cures

Posted by Luke

While we don’t fully encourage excessive drinking, we realise as beer bong specialists that some of you may… over-indulge. And while we cannot physically stop you from getting off your box what we can do is hope you know your own limits, hope that you are safe, and even throw in some remedies for the next day!

The hangover is perhaps the biggest curse of a good session – it’s either that or the humiliation you face after being a first-class prat! Whichever one it is, both come the day after a heavy night’s drinking, and if you can at least tend to your physical symptoms, you may just be able to sort your head out too.

Everybody has their own special way of dealing with the dreaded post-drink dehydrated depression, so we have scoured the internet, spoke to everyone at our headquarters, and compiled a list of the top 5 most effective hangover cures:

1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Alcohol is a diuretic; this means that your body will always produce more urine than you have actually drunk, hence why you get so dehydrated, hence the headache, dry-mouth, and colourless complexion. Drink plenty of water throughout drinking and before going to bed to try and minimise the effects, and the next day you’ll want an isotonic sports drink to replace those salts!

2. Painkillers

We know some people have to be in pretty bad shape before they reach for painkillers, but surely some of the temple-splitting migraines that follow a big night out are a worthy cause? Pop two ibuprofen or paracetamol as soon as you emerge and we promise you’ll feel better for it.

3. Walk It Off

This is a bit of an old cliché but it really works! If you can manage to go for a walk you will release some endorphins, sweat out some toxins, breathe in some clean air, and simply feel all ‘round feel fresher! The more you hide under your blanket and feel sorry for yourself, the sorrier state you will feel.

4. Eat Right

For some hangovers you may not want to eat a thing, and if you are in a really bad way you will have to be careful you don’t eat anything that will upset your stomach – plain scrambled eggs is one of the best things you can eat! If you do have the munchies then feed that craving, and while we know you will be craving the greasiest food imaginable, throw in some orange juice or a multivitamin to ensure you are not deficient in any vital minerals.

5. Sleep On It

We know this is a bit of an obvious one but facing a hangover on top of sleep deprivation makes everything worse, or at least feel worse in your head. We know that getting a healthy night’s sleep is not always doable as you have other commitments, in which case these are probably the times when you shouldn’t be having a heavy night beforehand – if you are sat here reading this and it is too late, we’re sorry, but bear it in mind next time your mates want a wild one.

Our New Range of Beer Pong Merchandise!

Posted by Luke

Here at Beer Bong UK we specialise in all things beer bong related - unsurprisingly, but we also dedicate a lot of time to the very serious, very professional and highly esteemed sport that is Beer Pong. That's right, we are advocates of beer pong and take the game extremely seriously, striving to offer only the best beer pong accessories that money can buy. If you take your beer pong seriously like we do, have a mean ping pong ball throwing arm and consider yourself well equipped with the ol' red solo cups then we think you need to own your talent, step up to the mark and let everyone know who's the beer pong boss. That's why we've released a range of exclusive beer pong merchandise for you to get you ready for your beer pong tournament. 

Here are 3 of our favourite beer pong clothing items from our new beer pong merchandise range.

1. Beer Pong Champion Jumper

Beer Pong Champion Jumper

This beer pong hoodie is for the serious contenders. Wearing the proud 'Beer Pong Champion' logo across your chest with the image of those notorious red solo cups. Rocking this hooded jumper for your impending beer pong game will make sure all your opponents know who's boss. 

2. Princess Beer Pong T-Shirt

Princess Beer Pong T-Shirt

This Beer Pong Princess T-Shirt is one for the ladies, showing those guys that girls can pack a beer pong punch too! Wearing this t-shirt will ensure that everyone knows you're not just a pretty face, and though you might be as cute as a princess - you can certainly own the beer pong table. 

3. Red Team Beer Pong T-Shirt

Red Team Beer Pong T-Shirt

Our Red Team Beer Pong T-Shirt is the ultimate in beer pong merchandise if you're playing in teams. Your whole team should be kitted out in these t-shirts, letting everyone know the red team is who's boss. If Alternatively, if you're playing a solo match against a friend you can rock this red team t-shirt, and your fearful opponent can wear our Blue Team Beer Pong T-Shirt

Beer Pong: The Next Level - Extreme Rules

Posted by Luke

Lads and lasses, ladies and gents, it's a pleasure to welcome you back! This week we're keen to delve into the mysterious (and awesome) world of Beer Pong once more - but in a lot more depth. That's right guys - we've already showed you the basics in our handy Beer Pong for Beginners Guide found herewhich will tell you everything you need to know to get yourself acquainted with Beer Pong: the party game that will change your life. 

Now if you're a seasoned Beer Pong player, or if in the style of Pringles - you've had a pop and you just can't nor do you want to stop and you're dying to scratch that itch and satisfy your cravings then folks, you have undoubtedly come to the right place. Here we consider Beer Pong a sport of the highest order, and in this blog post we'll be bringing you the extreme rules - the rules that will turn this light-hearted game into a battle to the death drunk. These rules allow Beer Pong to become the competition  it was destined to be - folks, it's time to bring out the big guns.

Follow these rules for Extreme Beer Pong - taking your game of Beer Pong to the next level. 


1. No elbows

This means no elbows are allowed to touch the Beer Pong table or anywhere near it. You shoot with your elbows behind the table. Any elbows will result in a drinking penalty, or if you're feeling harsh - the removal of one of the offending team's cups from the table.

2. No wrists 

The same as the elbow rule - but much, much harder. This rule means you shoot with your wrists behind the table, making the opposing targets even further away. This rule is only for the most seasoned of players - this makes Beer Pong pretty hard.

3. Re-Racking

Up to three times in any game each team can request for the opposing team's cups to be re-racked. This means you move the cups into some sort of formation where they're touching, rather than leaving lots of gaps. We might argue that this occasionally makes the game easier, but these are Beer Pong rules for you to use at your disposal, so use them wisely young grasshoppers.

4. Bouncing 

If you bounce a ball and it makes it into a cup - either accidentally or otherwise, this is a trick shot and means you can remove the cup which the ball bounced into and one other cup of your choice. 

5. Hitting the Rim

If your ball hits the rim and bounces out, without landing in a cup then we have a competition on our hands. A dirty pint is created and you are challenged to either hit the rim again or get the ball in the cup - if you manage it the other team shares the dirty pint, if you don't then bottoms up my friend! 

6. No Lonely Cups 

If you notice a "lonely" cup - which means one cup which is separated from the rest on the table, you can call it and attempt to hit it. If you miss or you hit another cup then your shot is invalid and you lose a cup of the opposition's choosing, if you hit it then that cup and another of your choice can be removed from the table. 

7. No Blowing or Pushing

If a ball is rolling around the cup or the rim, or is not settling in the cup then no blowing or pushing the ball is allowed. If anyone attempts to intercept the ball or cheat then you lose a cup. You must all wait patiently, for Beer Pong is not a game to be rushed. 

8. Shots 

Once one team has one, there could well be a number of other cups left on the table. Play these cups one by one - if you miss, you drink a shot, if you get it then you get to nominate another player of your choice to drink a shot. 

The beauty of Beer Pong is that you can make as many exotic and exciting rules as you wish. You might want to adopt a no swearing rule - offering a free shot to the opposing team whenever someone swears? The Beer Pong rule options are literally endless. Just remember: this is not a game for babies - you need to take it seriously, and play as if your life depended on it! 

2014 Six Nations Drinking Game

Posted by Luke

Let's get to it lads and lasses, we're in the thick of the 6 nations rugby season (to many, this is more exciting than Christmas) and after a cracking and surprising weekend of rugby where the Wales team we were expecting finally turned up and beat France and England managed to conquer the might Ireland, the competition has been blown wide open once again.


Basically, from now on everything is about to get unbearably exciting. Need a way to make it even more exciting? Then we recommend you print out and laminate the Welsh Dai Lama's 2014 Six Nations Drinking Game and get involved in the festivities! 


The Welsh Dai Lama is somewhat of a Welsh legend on Twitter - and he certainly knows a thing or two about rugby. This is why he's created a hilarious Six Nations drinking game for all to follow and enjoy. If you follow the rules and drink appropriately, you should find yourself pretty merry after just one game. Note: unless you fancy getting really squiffy then we wouldn't recommend playing this drinking game through more than one game of rugby! 

If you want a way to relieve the pressure of the six nations, get a little bit merry and have a jolly good time then we'd recommend you give this Six Nations Drinking Game a go! Of course, you can get particularly patriotic if you fancy too with our Wales Ultimate Beer Bong, Ireland Ultimate Beer Bong, Scotland Ultimate Beer Bong or England Ultimate Beer Bong - though we do recommend using these cautiously, a hit on a beer bong can pack a mighty punch! 

Boozy Tuesdays with Brothers Cider

Posted by Luke

To kick off our first ever Boozy Tuesday, we thought we’d talk to you a bit about our office’s favourite tipple – Brothers Cider.

Brothers have been making cider as far back as 1658! To put that in perspective, at that time the head of state in the land was Oliver Cromwell – so yeah, it is fair to say that Brothers have quite the pedigree.

For those of you who don’t know, Brothers make a range of fruit-flavoured ciders that have taken our nation by storm! They offer such celebrated cider slurps as strawberry, wild fruit, toffee apple, pear, apple, and cloudy lemon; not to mention their celebrated Festival variety which is a – quite literally - staggering 7% proof, making it ideal for festal festival frolicking indeed!

We think it is fair to say that sometimes you want an alcoholic drink where you can really taste the alcohol itself, but most of the time you want a pleasant beverage which puts a smile on your face – Brother Cider is most definitely that beverage!

The initial hit of flavourful fruit is followed by a satisfying surge of cider apples, so in many ways it’s a double fruit flurry, though we don’t think they’ll count towards your 5 a day. The whole taste experience will have you reaching for your bottle frequently, and the range of flavours we have already discussed will ensure that your taste-buds are kept on their toes!

We couldn’t really think of a better bottle to begin our boozy Tuesdays with; so if you don’t know, get to know!