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Our Favourite Drinking Accessories

Posted by Luke

Getting drunk is a lot of fun, as we're sure you're already aware. But you know what's even more fun? Getting drunk using a bunch of fun drinking accessories!

Pony drinking

Drinking accessories: the only thing that separates us from the ponies.

If you need a little something extra to spice up your next party, here are 5 of Beer Bong UK's favourite drinking accessories ever. Used individually, each one will guarantee you a good time; combine all five, and the fun will be legendary.

Test tube shot glasses

Test Tube Shot Glasses

If you've been to a club in the last ten years, you've probably been served (or offered, at the very least) shots in test tube-shaped glasses. But why go to a club when you could enjoy a rack of test tube shots at home? Ours are more colourful anyway.

2L Beer Stein

Getting up for a refill every time you finish your pint can be kind of a pain. This gigantic beer mug is the perfect solution: with a capacity of two litres, it holds roughly three and a half pints, so you should find that you need significantly fewer refills over the course of an evening.


Fist beer cooler


The Fist Beer Cooler

Have you ever wanted to keep your beer cool whilst feeling like you could crush a small car with your bare hands? Then this is the drinking accessory for you!


Shark Fin Ice Tray

Drinks need ice, but nobody ever said that ice had to be cube-shaped. We personally prefer to chill our beverages with these rather menacing shark fins...and yes, we do hum the Jaws theme every time we take them out of the freezer.


Pink Flamingo Beer Bong

You didn't honestly think that we'd let this entire blog post go by without at least one beer bong, did you? It's literally the name of the company! Still, this is no ordinary beer bong - it looks more like a flamingo than a funnel, which our boffins tell us makes it 60% more fun. That's science, friends.

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