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5 Ways to Make Beer Pong More Challenging

Posted by Luke

If you're an experienced beer pong player, you may be starting to get bored of it. Where's the fun in sinking all of your opponent's cups before they've even landed a single shot? Why bother playing if the outcome is a forgone conclusion?

Well, for those who are finding that the game of beer pong has lost its challenge, we have a few suggestions. Here are five sure-fire ways of making beer pong fun again!


1. Spin Pong

A moving target is harder to hit, right? You may be able to throw a ball into a cup that's stood there like a lemon, but will you still be such a hotshot when the cups are SPINNING?



2. Penalties for Missing

The trouble with your traditional game of beer pong is the stakes - they're just too low. There's no punishment for missing...unless, of course, you enforce your own! For example, you could decree that players must drink a cup for every miss - the game would be over pretty quickly, but it would certainly be a bigger challenge! Alternatively, your opponent could choose an embarrassing forfeit for you to perform when you miss a shot.


Drinking beer

3. Reverse the Rules

Here's another problem with the game as it's usually played: the worse you do, the drunker you get. If your opponent has lost 5 cups and you haven't lost any, they're 5 beers drunker than you, which makes it far easier for you to sink the remaining cups and win the game. So why not switch things up a little? If your ball lands in one of your enemy's cups, YOU have to drink the contents of that cup. This means that the game gets progressively more difficult as you play - it's not too hard to land that first shot, but wait and see how difficult it is to get that last cup when you've already drunk 9. 

style="text-align: center;"Pool pong

4. Play in the Pool

Trust us, it becomes a lot more difficult to take careful aim when you're treading water at the same time!


5. Stand Further Back

Maybe - and this is just a thought - you're finding it a little too easy because you're stood too close to the table? Take a few steps back, hotshot.

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