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Google Just Got Better..

Posted by Luke

So we're not sure about you, but we pretty much use Google multiple times a day. Not only is it a pocket answer to anything you could ever possibly want to know, but it can give us directions and information in a matter of seconds. As brilliant as Google undoubtedly is, the latest development to the search engine giant is undoubtedly, without any argument our favourite feature to have ever been available at the click of a finger: Google now knows how to mix cocktails. 

This might sound a little absurd at first, but what we're essentially saying is that every time you Google a cocktail, the search engine will now walk you through the recipe, letting you know exactly which ingredients are in the cocktail of your choice, some information about the cocktail and even how to make it for yourself! We don't know about you, but that's certainly a service we can get behind in a big way! 

We quite fancy Google as a top bartender, and the new addition to their services comes as part of their Knowledge Graph, which has been adding cards to Google searches continuously for almost 3 years now, including little facts about random things which relate to your searches, but this is undoubtedly the best development yet. 

Google have now revolutionised house parties and general university life forever - and we for one couldn't be any more excited about it. We don't know about you, but tonight is now going to be spent perfecting our home mixing skills and making some seriously bad-ass cocktails to kick start the weekend in style.


Google, how do I make a margarita please? Ariba! 



This will never get old. Ever. 

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