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Look Out It's Bongzilla

Posted by Luke

Tearing, trashing and terrorising its way through the streets of down-town Tokyo, Bongzilla leaves all who encounter it in an inebriated state of drunken delirium! We are of course not referring to the fictional Japanese beast, but our very own 6 man monster bong - Bongzilla!

In our defence, there are many similarities to be drawn between the two, hence the name. The beauty of Bongzilla is that it brings people together in the most chug-filled, brilliantly-boozy way. You and up to 5 other pals can all grab a tube, stand under the giant funnel, and start chugging like the animals you are! 

You'll also be pleased to learn that this bongzilla comes with 6 funnel plugs; these can be used to block unused holes meaning you can use as many hoses as you want - you could even use it on your own if you're crazy enough to take on the monster alone!

Whatever you decide to do, this beast of a bong is actually pretty friendly as long as you play with him responsibly, and if you don't... the consequences will be more than a bit monstrous.