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Mario Kart Drinking Game

Posted by Luke

Forget your Gran Turismos and your Needs for Speeds; Mario Kart is, and always will be, the very best racing game on the market. It doesn't matter which version you're playing - whether you're on the Wii U, the Gamecube, the N64 or the SNES, karting with Mario and his buddies is always a blast.

But you know what would make it even MORE fun? A few drinks! If you want to take your Mario Kart fun to an alcoholic new level when next you play, here are the rules to follow:

Mario Kart - Drinking Rules

Suitable for all Mario Kart games.

  1. Yoshi Costs Extra: When choosing characters, the player who selects Yoshi must take a drink before the race begins.

  2. Lap it Up: At the end of each lap (except the final lap), you must drop your controller and drink before proceeding. If you are currently in 1st place, take 3 sips; 2nd place takes 2 sips, and 3rd place takes 1 sip. If you are in 4th place or lower, you may ignore this rule and keep driving.

  3. Can't Steer: If you fall of the edge of the track, take a drink. (Warning: stay away from Rainbow Road, or this rule may kill you)

  4. The Right to Bear Arms: Before using any item/weapon, you must put down your controller and take a drink. This rule does not apply if you are in last place, or if the weapon in question is a blue shell (see rule #7)

  5. Go Bananas: If you skid on a banana, you must put your controller down, stand up, and spin around three times before proceeding.

  6. You Idiot: If you hit a fake item box, you must put your controller down and finish your drink before proceeding.

  7. What a Shell-end: Before using a blue shell, you must drop your controller, stand up, and announce to the room: "I am a terrible friend!" If a player fails to make this proclamation before launching a blue shell, pause the game and encourage everyone to boo enthusiastically while he/she finishes his/her drink.

Just seven rules, but a far more enjoyable game, we think! Remember to drink responsibly and stop when you've had enough (this applies to both alcohol and Mario Kart).