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Drinking Game - Black 'n' Red

Posted by Luke

Playing cards

Here's a good drinking game that's easy to learn and quick to play. A student friend of ours told us about it - she recommended playing it when the taxi is on its way and you need to finish your drinks quickly before heading to the club.

How to Play Black 'n' Red

You will need: a standard deck of playing cards, a drink for every player

  1. Sit in a circle and choose one person to be the dealer.
  2. The dealer goes around the circle, placing a card in front of each player in turn. If the card is red (a heart or a diamond) that player must drink; if the card is black (a spade or a club), the player can nominate someone else to take a drink.
  3. Continue until the whole deck has been used. Then, if you're still waiting for the taxi to arrive, pick up all the cards and start again!

We told you it was pretty straightforward. If you want to make it more complicated, you can stipulate that picture cards (kings, queens, jacks) count for two drinks, or that aces reverse the direction of play, or something like that, but we think that this game is just perfect in its simplest form!