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Our beer bongs come in all shapes and sizes - If you thought the bog-standard beer funnel design was the only option available, think again! We've got the widest variety of beer bongs in the country, and we're pretty confident that we can provide the perfect beer bong for your party!

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Bottle Bong
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The Can Bong - Glow In The Dark
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The Can Bong - Blue
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More About Our Beer Bongs

Beer bongs have been around for decades, and there’s still no better way to start the party! The classic funnel and tube design is ideal for consuming large amounts of liquid in mere moments, and we’ve taken the standard beer funnel template in all kinds of crazy new directions.

Take the Double Header bong, for example. With two hoses instead of one, it allows you to team up with a partner and tackle the ale together! Then there’s the Olympic-sized beer bong, with its mind-blowing 18ft tube, and Bongzilla, an intimidating six-man setup that only the bravest of beer-drinkers dare to try!

Throw in a colourful collection of funnel designs and it becomes pretty clear that is the best possible place to buy beer bongs online. So what are you waiting for? Order yourself a brilliant beer funnel now and get partying!