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Drinking Games Rules – Boxing

Posted by Luke

This is a simple game that draws a lot of parallels to real boxing, with a lot less punches thrown (we hope), though you do still technically have an opportunity to knock your opponent out, and have them dribbling on the floor. Here’s how to play:

What You Need:

A stopwatch/clock

2 shot glasses

4 people

2 dice



How to Play:

1. 2 people play this game at a time – just like a boxing match – with 2 other people assisting them, just like their corner men.

2. Each players sits at opposite sides of the table and rolls the dice. The player with the lowest score ‘takes a punch’ and has a shot.

3. The corner man fills up the empty shot as quickly as they can, then the player has another roll of the dice.

4. The game is played in 3 minute rounds with a 30 second break in-between rounds – again, like boxing.

5. The game is played until someone throws in the towel or pukes – though of course you could put a limit on the number of rounds to prevent this.