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Our New Range of Beer Pong Merchandise!

Posted by Luke

Here at Beer Bong UK we specialise in all things beer bong related - unsurprisingly, but we also dedicate a lot of time to the very serious, very professional and highly esteemed sport that is Beer Pong. That's right, we are advocates of beer pong and take the game extremely seriously, striving to offer only the best beer pong accessories that money can buy. If you take your beer pong seriously like we do, have a mean ping pong ball throwing arm and consider yourself well equipped with the ol' red solo cups then we think you need to own your talent, step up to the mark and let everyone know who's the beer pong boss. That's why we've released a range of exclusive beer pong merchandise for you to get you ready for your beer pong tournament. 

Here are 3 of our favourite beer pong clothing items from our new beer pong merchandise range.

1. Beer Pong Champion Jumper

Beer Pong Champion Jumper

This beer pong hoodie is for the serious contenders. Wearing the proud 'Beer Pong Champion' logo across your chest with the image of those notorious red solo cups. Rocking this hooded jumper for your impending beer pong game will make sure all your opponents know who's boss. 

2. Princess Beer Pong T-Shirt

Princess Beer Pong T-Shirt

This Beer Pong Princess T-Shirt is one for the ladies, showing those guys that girls can pack a beer pong punch too! Wearing this t-shirt will ensure that everyone knows you're not just a pretty face, and though you might be as cute as a princess - you can certainly own the beer pong table. 

3. Red Team Beer Pong T-Shirt

Red Team Beer Pong T-Shirt

Our Red Team Beer Pong T-Shirt is the ultimate in beer pong merchandise if you're playing in teams. Your whole team should be kitted out in these t-shirts, letting everyone know the red team is who's boss. If Alternatively, if you're playing a solo match against a friend you can rock this red team t-shirt, and your fearful opponent can wear our Blue Team Beer Pong T-Shirt